Spaceman's Papercrete Mixer

I read about "third world" tow behind papercrete mixers on the internet, but details were skimpy. When I decided to make a mixer of my own, I took those skimpy details and made a sketch of what I thought might work.

A trip to a nearby auto salvage yard produced the rear end from a Ford Ranger, a couple of wheels with tires, and part of an old travel trailer frame including the hitch. I explained to the owner what I was trying to do, and caught his interest.

I got him to do the welding for me, and I drove out pulling the rear end and frame hitched to my back bumper.

This design is based on orienting a differential so that it is pointed up instead of toward the front. When you turn the wheels it causes the yoke to spin.

Once the frame was secured to the axle, the next step was to mount a 200 gallon cattle tank on the frame, with a hole in the bottom for the differential to poke through.

I cleaned up the differential with a wire brush so bondo would stick to it.

The differential is off center on the rear end I got, so I had to make the hole in the tank off center to match. I bolted the tank to the frame and then wrapped some newspaper around the differental below the tank, to act as a temporary seal. I then spread bondo around the differential, sealing the hole.

The mixer is light enough that I could turn it over to apply the bondo on the bottom of the tank, reinforcing the top seal.

I'm not a body repair specialist, so the bondo is rough. It doesn't matter as long as it seals.

The next step was to mount a lawnmower blade on the yoke. The ranger has threaded holes in the yoke, so I drilled matching holes in the blade and bolted it on. I was careful to drill the holes so the blade would be centered and not cause vibration.

The blade is positioned about three inches above the bottom of the tank. When it is spinning it creates a vortex just like a blender.

Fill this with your favorite papercrete recipe and drive around the block a couple of times, and you have mix ready to go. I did make a top from plywood, tied down with elastic tie downs, to cut down on splash.

If you have a need for one of these but don't feel up to making it, email me at Papercrete Mixer and maybe we can work something out.


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